Cebu Pacific Offers a Variety of Flight Options till January 15, 2022

Given the uncertainty of the circumstances, flight delays and on-the-spot cancellations are still a possibility. As a result, travellers flying for non-essential purposes from January 8 to 15 are encouraged to choose any of the following flexible alternatives available through the Cebu Pacific website’s Manage Booking portal:


1. Make a new reservation (Rebook)

Following CEB’s permanent abolition of change fees, rebook for travel within 60 days at no additional cost. The difference in fares has been waived.

2. Travel Fund

Put the money in a virtual CEB wallet with a two-year expiration date and use it to book a new flight or pay for extras (e.g. baggage allowance, seat selection, etc.)

3. Get your money back (Refund)

From the time the request is made, the process can take up to two (2) months.

CEB employs an active flying crew that is adequately immunised. Before being assigned to operate aircraft, our pilots and cabin crew are subjected to routine antigen testing (Test Before Duty).
To ensure the continuous safety of its personnel and passengers, CEB has already begun its booster programme. Passengers should update their contact information at so that CEB can continue to alert them about flight modifications, reminders, and updates.

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