December Airfares on Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines will Stay Unchanged

The government preserved the level of fuel surcharge that airlines are permitted to levy in December, so anyone planning a trip during the Christmas season can expect airfares to remain unchanged. Low-cost carriers Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines pledged to keep ticket costs affordable in December, in accordance with the mandate to maintain fuel surcharge at Level 8.


Carmina Romero, a spokesperson for Cebu Pacific, stated that the budget airline will attempt to make airfares more reasonable by introducing ticket promotions with low base costs. “No increase in gasoline surcharge is excellent news” (for travelers). “Cebu Pacific maintains inexpensive rates through seat sales,” Romero explained.

AirAsia Philippines spokesman Carlo Carongoy stated that the government’s directive to maintain the same fuel surcharge helps both the airline and the passengers. He noted that the regulation provides some pricing consistency at a time when the travel industry faces dangers from variations in foreign exchange rates and rising fuel prices. “The Civil Aeronautics Board’s decision to preserve the fuel surcharge at Level 8 in December is good news for both AirAsia Philippines passengers and the airline,” Carongoy added. “This programme assists all airlines in mitigating the impact of unpredictable fuel prices and the falling peso-to-dollar exchange rate,” he added. Carongoy added that retaining the fuel surcharge at Level 8 enables AirAsia Philippines to provide discounts, a tactic that enabled the low-cost carrier to sell nearly nine out of every ten seats made available for purchase in November.

The forward bookings for the next 90 days demonstrate that all of our efforts have been successful in maintaining the pent-up demand for air travel. In fact, the load factor for November is currently at 87 percent and continues to rise,” Carongoy stated. Philippine Airlines has agreed to complying with the government’s directive to maintain the Level 8 fuel tax in December.

Cielo Villaluna, a representative for PAL, stated that the airline plans to continue promotional fares to entice people to book flights over the holiday season. “We are increasing flights in preparation for the holiday travel season, since high passenger turnout indicates a strong demand for travel,” Villaluna added. In an advice, the Civil Aeronautics Board maintained the fuel surcharge at Level 8 for the month of December, allowing airlines to impose a fuel surcharge ranging from P253 to P787 for domestic flights and P835.05 to P6,208.98 for foreign flights.

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