Philippine Airlines Flights to International and Domestic Destinations for April and Beyond

The list of local and international routes offered by Philippine Airlines (PAL) for April and beyond has been made public. The flag carrier of the Philippines continues to run a number of international flights, connecting the nation to important locations across North America, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific, despite the persistent difficulties caused by the pandemic.


Beginning with international flights, PAL is running two flights per day between Manila and Los Angeles, with sporadic layovers on particular days owing to weather or payload conditions. Additionally, the airline offers daily service between Manila and San Francisco as well as four weekly flights (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat) between Manila and New York (JFK), with return flights on Wed, Tue, Fri, and Sun. Additionally, there are daily flights to Guam, Vancouver, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, and Tokyo (Haneda), as well as five flights per week between Manila and Honolulu.

PAL has daily flights to Singapore and Busan as well as 11 times weekly to Kuala Lumpur for other Asian destinations. Additional destinations served by the airline include Beijing, Quanzhou, Macau, Shanghai (Pudong), Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Phnom Penh, Jakarta, and Bangkok.
Additionally, PAL offers a number of weekly flights to Seoul, including two daily flights from Manila to Seoul (Incheon), one daily flight from Cebu to Seoul (Incheon), and daily flights from Clark and Kalibo to Seoul (Incheon).

PAL offers a variety of internal flights linking the country’s major cities, including Manila, Cebu, and Clark. Among other domestic routes, the airline runs daily flights between Manila and Busan and three times a week between Cebu and Bangkok. To protect the health and safety of its workers and passengers, PAL has put in place a number of health and safety precautions, such as the requirement for mask use, thorough aircraft cleaning, and contactless check-in and boarding processes. For passengers who are affected by travel restrictions or changes in travel plans, the airline also provides flexible booking choices.

Passengers are urged to check with PAL or their travel agents for the most recent information on flight schedules and limitations as flights may be subject to alteration or cancellation owing to travel restrictions and other circumstances. PAL’s dedication to maintaining both its international and domestic routes, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, will aid in the nation’s economic recovery and promote the travel and tourism sector. PAL will continue to adjust and offer flexible choices for passengers to travel conveniently and safely as travel restrictions change.

The Philippine Airlines’ local and international routes are listed below:


Manila-Los Angeles-Manila
• 2x daily
Note: Flights may stop over on certain days if operationally required due to weather/payload conditions.

Manila-San Francisco-Manila
• Daily

Manila-New York (JFK)
• 4x a week (Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat)

New York (JFK)-Manila
• 4x a week (Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun)
Note: Flights may stop over on certain days if operationally required due to airspace/payload restrictions.

• 5x a week (Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)

• Daily

• 2x a week (Wed/Sun)

• 2x a week (Mon/Thu)
Note: PR 119 Toronto-Manila may stop on certain days if operationally required due to airspace/payload restrictions.

• Daily

• 5x a week (Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat)
• April 4, 11, 18 and 25

• 5x a week (Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)
• April 5, 12, 19 and 26

• 5x a week (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat)

• 5x a week (Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun)

• 3x a week (Mon/Thu/Sat)

• Daily

Manila-Port Moresby
• 4x a week (Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat) except on April 18, 24 and 29

Port Moresby-Manila
• 4x a week (Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun) except on April 19, 25 and 30

• 4x a week (Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun) until April 21, except on April 20
• 6x a week (Thu/Fri, with 2 flights every Tue/Sun) effective April 23

Manila-Quanzhou (Jinjiang)-Manila
• Daily except on April 18, 21, 24 and 29

• 2x a week (Thu/Sun)

Manila-Shanghai (Pudong)-Manila
• Daily except on April 23

• Daily except on April 18, 20, 24 and 30

Manila-Guangzhou (Canton)-Manila
• Daily except on April 19, 22, 24, 27 and 30

Manila-Bali (Denpasar)-Manila
• Daily

• 4x daily
Note: 3 flights only on April 19 and 27

Manila-Kuala Lumpur
• 11x a week (Daily, with 2 flights every Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun) except on April 15
Note: 1 flight only on April 27 and 29

Kuala Lumpur-Manila
• 11x a week (Daily, with 2 flights every Mon/Fri/Sat/Sun)

• 4x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun) except on April 16 and 24

• 4x a week (Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat) except on April 17 and 25

Manila-Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)-Manila
• 8x a week (Daily, with 2 flights every Wed)
Note: 1 flight only on April 19 and 26

Manila-Phnom Penh
• 5x a week (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat) except on April 25

Phnom Penh-Manila
• 5x a week (Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun) except on April 26

• Daily until April 14
• 10x a week (Daily, with 2 flights every Tue/Thu/Sat) effective April 15

• 3x to 4x daily

• 3x a week (Tue/Thu/Sat)

• 3x a week (Wed/Fri/Sun)

Manila-Seoul (Incheon)
• 2x daily

Seoul (Incheon)-Manila
• 2x daily

Cebu-Seoul (Incheon)-Cebu
• Daily effective April 20

Clark-Seoul (Incheon)
• Daily effective April 21

Seoul (Incheon)-Clark
• Daily effective April 20

Kalibo-Seoul (Incheon)-Kalibo
• Daily effective April 20

• Daily

Manila-Tokyo (Haneda)-Manila
• 2x daily

Manila-Tokyo (Narita)-Manila
• 2x daily

Cebu-Tokyo (Narita)-Cebu
• 4x a week (Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun)

• Daily except on April 24 and 26

Manila-Osaka (Kansai)-Manila
• 2x daily

• Daily

Manila-Hong Kong
• 4x daily
Note: 5 flights on April 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10

Hong Kong-Manila
• 4x daily
Note: 5 flights on April 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 11

• 2x daily
Note: 1 flight only on April 27

• Daily except on April 19, 24 and 26

• 5x a week (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun)
Note: Please check for updates due to government restrictions

• Daily
Note: Please check for updates due to government restrictions

• 5x a week (Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sun)

Please check the local government website of your airport/arrival point as well as your final destination province or municipality for updates on travel requirements. Additionally, you may also check: Covid-19 Travel Guide.

• Daily

• 2x daily

• 3x daily

Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila
• 3x daily
Note: 2 flights only on April 8

Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila
• 3x daily

• 4x to 5x daily

• 10x to 11x daily

• 3x a week (Tue/Fri/Sun)

• 3x a week (Mon/Thu/Sat)

• 2x to 4x daily

Manila-Antique (San Jose)-Manila
• 3x a week (Tue/Thu/Sat)

• 5x daily

• Daily

Manila-Caticlan (Boracay)-Manila
• 7x daily

• Daily

• 3x daily

Manila-Tagbilaran (Panglao)-Manila
• 2x daily until April 25
• 3x daily effective April 26
Note: 3 flights on April 5 and 10; 2 flights only on April 29, May 1 and 21

• 2x daily
Note: 1 flight only on April 11, 15 and 16

• Daily except on April 2 and 8

Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
• 4x daily
Note: 3 flights only on April 1, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 13

• Daily

• 8x to 9x daily

Manila-General Santos-Manila
• Daily until April 12
• 10x a week (Daily, with 2 flights every Wed/Thu/Sat) effective April 13

• 2x daily
Note: 3 flights on April 5, 10 and 29

• Daily except on April 15

• 5x a week (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat) except on April 3 and 7

• 2x daily
Note: 1 flight only on April 6 and 13

Clark-Busuanga (Coron)-Clark
• 4x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun)

Clark-Caticlan (Boracay)-Clark
• 3x a week (Tue/Thu/Sat) except on April 13 and 15

• 4x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun)

• 2x to 3x daily

• 2x a week (Mon/Fri)

Cebu-Busuanga (Coron)-Cebu
• 2x daily
Note: 1 flight only on April 4, 12, 13, 16, 17 and 25

• 1x to 2x daily

Cebu-Cagayan de Oro-Cebu
• 2x to 4x daily

Cebu-Caticlan (Boracay)-Cebu
• 2x daily

• Daily except on April 13 and 15

• 2x a week (Mon/Thu)

• 2x to 3x daily

• 3x to 4x daily

Cebu-Puerto Princesa-Cebu
• Daily except on April 3, 5 and 6
• 10x a week (Daily, with 2 flights every Fri/Sat/Sun) effective April 8, except on April 17 and 25

• 2x daily
Note 1 flight only on April 5, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 21

• 1x to 2x daily

• Daily except on April 4, 8, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21 and 23

Iloilo-General Santos-Iloilo
• 3x a week (Tue/Thu/Sat)

• 2x a week (Wed/Sun) except on April 9, 12, 16 and 19

Davao-Tagbilaran (Panglao)-Davao
• 5x a week (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat) except on April 10, 13, 14, 17 and 24

Cotabato – Tawi-Tawi – Cotabato
• 2x a week (Mon/Thu)

Zamboanga- Tawi-Tawi –Zamboanga
• 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri)

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Tokyo(Narita) to ManilaCheap Flights from Tokyo(Narita) to Manila
Cebu to Tokyo(Narita)Cheap Flights from Cebu to Tokyo(Narita)
Tokyo(Narita) to CebuCheap Flights from Tokyo(Narita) to Cebu
Clark to Tokyo(Narita)Cheap Flights from Clark to Tokyo(Narita)
Tokyo(Narita) to ClarkCheap Flights from Tokyo(Narita) to Clark
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Ho Chi Minh to ManilaCheap Flights from Ho Chi Minh to Manila
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Kuala Lumpur to ManilaCheap Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Manila
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